DataOps is on the rise

We are creating a native CI/CD solution for Big Data and AI, aimed to cater for the specific needs of data engineers and data scientists

Use Apache Amaterasu
deployments to allow
collaboration between
data engineers and
data scientists
Easily setup a CI/CD
pipeline to deploy data
pipelines on existing or
new environments
Enable integration
tests and end-to-end
tests on your analytics stack
Join the DataOps movement
We are currently selectively accepting clients for our private beta:

Our Origin Story

We have been working as engineers, architects and consultants on Big Data and ML projects since the early days of Hadoop, and always felt there should be a better way to deliver Big Data and AI software. We have used DevOps and CI/CD in other projects and wanted to use the same techniques in the analytics world, but using traditional tools in Big Data and AI projects was always so complex and time consuming, so we decided it’s time to create a solution that just works

Yaniv Rodenski

Co-Founder, CEO

Yariv Triffon

Co-Founder, VP Engineering

Michael Haberman

Co-Founder, Chief Architect